🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏻 About Us

🙏 What do we guide ourselves by?


We know that perseverance is most important in achieving the goal.


We believe that trust helps overcome “impossible” problems.


We encourage our clients to be curious, active, and inquisitive.


We teach our clients how to earn from problems.

Assistance with Kindergeld

The Kindergeld.eu was created thanks to perseverance and trust. Our idea is to help improve the life situations of our clients. Each person on our team brings their experience to it. We have operated in various industries and faced complicated problems. Thanks to this, we can now pass on our knowledge to others and help in difficult situations.

🛠️ How we work?

We assist in submitting applications for Kindergeld and similar allowances.

Filing an application for Kindergeld or a similar allowance is not a one-time action but rather a process that typically takes 4-5 months for straightforward cases. We help our clients navigate through this process – from the beginning, ensuring proper documentation, understanding the pace of foreign authorities, gathering evidence crucial in case of potential conflicts, and facilitating benefit payments.

We exert pressure on our clients’ former partners.

We clearly present our clients’ demands to their former partners. We prepare payment demands, requests for document submission, or data provision. We search for addresses of former partners, both male and female, etc.

We exert pressure on authorities.

If an authority takes no action on our client’s case for an extended period, we take the initiative and demand information disclosure. We demand immediate action on the case, prepare complaints, requests for document issuance/correction, lawsuits against authorities and officials, and guide clients until final decisions are reached.

We provide assistance in the pre-litigation, litigation, and enforcement stages.

We prepare documentation and guide our clients through the pre-litigation stage. We draft lawsuits and guide clients through the first-instance and second-instance court stages to a final judgment. We assist until successful enforcement, i.e., until the money returns to the account of the parent with whom the child resides.

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