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Get Kindergeld

Apply for Kindergeld. Do you both work in Germany? Both of you live in Germany? Your partner works in Germany and you live with your children in another country and are not working (inactive)? Don’t wait and apply now for child benefit.

Get a differential allowance

If your partner works in Germany, you are employed in your home country or you receive unemployment benefits, for example, you are entitled to a differential allowance. The differential allowance is Kindergeld minus other child benefits. You can also get a differential allowance if you are no longer in a relationship with the child’s other parent.

Get Kindergeld back

If your partner/former partner, i.e. the child’s biological parent, took part or all of the benefit for themselves, you can get the money back. If the money does not currently go to the parent with whom the child lives, you can recover this benefit. If the refund for the retroactive period was not transferred to the child in whole or in part, you should get it back.

Problem with employer’s certificate

If your partner/former partner, i.e. the child’s biological parent, does not want to provide documents, e.g. Employer’s Certificate, pay slips, registration confirmation, it means that he or she is responsible for blocking your benefit. Obtain Kindergeld or a differential allowance despite the lack of cooperation from the child’s father.

Office demands a refund of a Kindergeld

The office demands a refund for the retroactive period? The office demands a refund because, for example, it claims that you were entitled to other child benefits in your country. The office demands a refund because it accuses you of lack of cooperation. The office demands a refund because it accuses you of not proving your right to benefits. The office claims that you tried to extort benefits.

Problems with the Familienkasse

The office does not want to pay the money for the retroactive period? The office creates barriers, asks for the same documents several times, and drags the case on forever. The office does nothing. He hasn’t reported anything for half a year. Nothing happens or there are still promises such as: “Your files are already on my desk”, “the decision is made, but not signed”, etc.

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